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Step / Day 30 - getting your message to the world.

Posted by sylvanuskent on October 30, 2014 at 3:30 AM

Step / day 30 – Marketing the outside world


Now you are a published author, and all your friends and family know and are spreading the word for you you need to reach out to the world.


You will find lots of promo ideas out there e.g. Free days Offers – free downloads – book clubs. Word of mouth. Feedback – reviews. Business Cards, fliers & posters.


Kindle and Smashwords offer the opportunity to have free download days etc. Kindle offer 5 free days per contract period – select them well make use of weekends – get them as a loss leader to your next book. Remember these are generally global offers so tied to some time zone e.g. Pcific coast USA so could be lagging behind Japanese or UK time which is important when telling people to go look NOW! For the offer.


Give talks at meetings WI, Book clubs, National trust writers homes anywhere you can get a crowd and leave them with plyers on how to find your book.


Try not to turn into human spam but you do need to publicise. Depending on the content / genre of your book publicise at relevant gatherings.


Advertising – Mailing lists

Gather a mailing list Facebook group / friends who read / have read your book – they are your prospective advertising team and readers for your next publication.


You can sign up to deal mailing lists. These include and Kindles Genre pulse ( They allow you to offer a reduced price offer to their mailing list of up to 300,000 readers for targeted genres. There is generally a fee involved e.g. Genre Pulse charges $10 or $30 depending on the width of your mailing.

It may be worthwhile once you have exhausted your local audience to boost your readership to a new level. is another way of getting your name out there. They also do a paid for advertising offering or you can get reviews of your book listed there.

You can also list your author bio and profile and announce new launches and events to readership. Join the Goodreads author program to get your name out there.


Tweet about it. You can build up a good twitter following who will be hanging on your every word.


Make a youtube video about your book-writing



When people tell they have read it get feedback don't waste the opportunity – Did they like it? – What did they like? What could be better?

Get in the local paper – open a fete or fair or charity event, whatever it is do it for now it is fun so enjoy.

So a marketeers work is never done.


BUT! - why not write your next eBook at the monthly rate you should easily be able to put out 10 books a year or even ruminate like the great authors and aim for between 1 and 10 in a lifetime. The choice is yours.


I shall go publish this publish in a month guide in a day or so with extra information as a reminder etc. It will be available on Kindle, Smashwords and to download.


Tomorrow – the final day – wrap it up and look to the future, a better person.

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