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Day / Step 29 - Readers

Posted by sylvanuskent on October 29, 2014 at 3:15 AM

Step / Day 29 - Marketing friends and family and those around you.


Congratulations – you have done it! Published your eBook


Hopefully your submissions to Kindle and / or Smashwords have been accepted. You may need to do some tidying up or adding ISBN numbers etc. but predominantly you should be there or there about.


If you do get any problems read them carefully and try to do what is suggested bu the publisher. They will have reasons for acting this way.


Now you have your book published you need readers.


There are many ways to do this firstly tell your friends and family. They will probably be intrigued as to what you have been up to this past month (year / lifetime) anyway.


Send them a link to your download site whether it be your own self publishing site or Kindle or Smashwords.


There are lots of other things you can do to keep your name as a published author out there. Here are a few below.


If your book is nice or a rarer genre look out for special publishers e.g. Lesbian fiction – literotica. advanced dog training for German shepherds etc


Set up a blog – tweet keep in the news. Let the Facebook world know. Give talks on being an author – anything to get your word out there.

One of my Characters Sylvanus Kent has his own Twitter, Facebook and web site (Where I am publishing the Getpublished Blog from) although he is a fictitious Victorian Detective.


Outcomes from today – Market your precious publication – without readers it is nothing.


Tomorrow more marketing ideas and activities.

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