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Day / Step 27 Formats and assembly ready for publication

Posted by sylvanuskent on October 27, 2014 at 3:15 AM

Day / Step 27 Formats and assembly ready for publication


Outcome at the end of this phase – Everything ready for your submission


Ensure all chapters are in one document for submission


Standard typeface e.g.


No headers / footers


create jacket blurb and long synopsis in your Brief document to keep it all together


follow the publishers rules regarding length of descriptions etc


You will need your book title


If it is part of a series


Category for marketing your book e.g. Crime thriller


Create cover follow the publishers rules with regard to the cover illustration. Generally this is a .jpg file of sufficient size to be good quality but no so large as to cause a problem uploading. e.g. min 1400 pixels


Remember images on standard Kindle devices will only be in black and white although colour is good for attracting attention on other devices e.g. laptops tablets etc. Try to make a cover that works in both B&W and colour.


Create tags

These single words or short phrases will help searches find your work so make sure you use them wisely. You are generally limited to 10 or so tags, generally separated by commas.


Create copyright page – Smashwords requires this but it is good practice anyway and you can produce an alternate version for Kindle or for individual publishing..


You will also need to decide on a pricing strategy for your book and also genres in which to place your book.

Create a biog / other works page to interest your readers in you and also an other works list to steer them to your other works.

Outcomes from today

A fully complete manuscript, cover and content along with synopsis to sell your book.

Tomorrow – it has come publication day.


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