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Day 31 - Success

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Step / Day 31. Well that is it. Your month is done – eBook hopefully published and being snapped up. What next? - Tomorrow is another month.


Maybe you have already got ideas or started on your next book or maybe you just need a little downtime to enjoy and gloat on your new found fame.


Once you have your readers try to keep them and build them and talk to them – they are your springboard to the success of your next eBook. They are your sounding board for your last book.


There are people all around the known universe now reading (or able to read) your wonderful work. Work that you have sweated and struggled to give life to.


You have shared your thoughts and ideas with mankind and for that I and we all THANK YOU for what you have done.


I hope you have enjoyed this little WebSpirational process and please feel free to give any feedback on your experiences.


Here's to this (and your next eBook). Get out there and make the world a better place.


Keep Calm


Carry On Writing


Chris Cook




Books are mirrors of the soul


“Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack”- Virginia Woolf



Step / Day 30 - getting your message to the world.

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Step / day 30 – Marketing the outside world


Now you are a published author, and all your friends and family know and are spreading the word for you you need to reach out to the world.


You will find lots of promo ideas out there e.g. Free days Offers – free downloads – book clubs. Word of mouth. Feedback – reviews. Business Cards, fliers & posters.


Kindle and Smashwords offer the opportunity to have free download days etc. Kindle offer 5 free days per contract period – select them well make use of weekends – get them as a loss leader to your next book. Remember these are generally global offers so tied to some time zone e.g. Pcific coast USA so could be lagging behind Japanese or UK time which is important when telling people to go look NOW! For the offer.


Give talks at meetings WI, Book clubs, National trust writers homes anywhere you can get a crowd and leave them with plyers on how to find your book.


Try not to turn into human spam but you do need to publicise. Depending on the content / genre of your book publicise at relevant gatherings.


Advertising – Mailing lists

Gather a mailing list Facebook group / friends who read / have read your book – they are your prospective advertising team and readers for your next publication.


You can sign up to deal mailing lists. These include and Kindles Genre pulse ( They allow you to offer a reduced price offer to their mailing list of up to 300,000 readers for targeted genres. There is generally a fee involved e.g. Genre Pulse charges $10 or $30 depending on the width of your mailing.

It may be worthwhile once you have exhausted your local audience to boost your readership to a new level. is another way of getting your name out there. They also do a paid for advertising offering or you can get reviews of your book listed there.

You can also list your author bio and profile and announce new launches and events to readership. Join the Goodreads author program to get your name out there.


Tweet about it. You can build up a good twitter following who will be hanging on your every word.


Make a youtube video about your book-writing



When people tell they have read it get feedback don't waste the opportunity – Did they like it? – What did they like? What could be better?

Get in the local paper – open a fete or fair or charity event, whatever it is do it for now it is fun so enjoy.

So a marketeers work is never done.


BUT! - why not write your next eBook at the monthly rate you should easily be able to put out 10 books a year or even ruminate like the great authors and aim for between 1 and 10 in a lifetime. The choice is yours.


I shall go publish this publish in a month guide in a day or so with extra information as a reminder etc. It will be available on Kindle, Smashwords and to download.


Tomorrow – the final day – wrap it up and look to the future, a better person.

Day / Step 29 - Readers

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Step / Day 29 - Marketing friends and family and those around you.


Congratulations – you have done it! Published your eBook


Hopefully your submissions to Kindle and / or Smashwords have been accepted. You may need to do some tidying up or adding ISBN numbers etc. but predominantly you should be there or there about.


If you do get any problems read them carefully and try to do what is suggested bu the publisher. They will have reasons for acting this way.


Now you have your book published you need readers.


There are many ways to do this firstly tell your friends and family. They will probably be intrigued as to what you have been up to this past month (year / lifetime) anyway.


Send them a link to your download site whether it be your own self publishing site or Kindle or Smashwords.


There are lots of other things you can do to keep your name as a published author out there. Here are a few below.


If your book is nice or a rarer genre look out for special publishers e.g. Lesbian fiction – literotica. advanced dog training for German shepherds etc


Set up a blog – tweet keep in the news. Let the Facebook world know. Give talks on being an author – anything to get your word out there.

One of my Characters Sylvanus Kent has his own Twitter, Facebook and web site (Where I am publishing the Getpublished Blog from) although he is a fictitious Victorian Detective.


Outcomes from today – Market your precious publication – without readers it is nothing.


Tomorrow more marketing ideas and activities.

Day 28 Publication day

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Day / Step 28 Publishing day


This is the day you have been dreaming of. The day the world will be able to get your eBook.


Set aside some quiet time – maybe up to an hour. Be prepared for some failures & resubmissions during the actual process – Kindle and Smashwords have significant checking robots in place so you may need to reformat your work a little and resubmit it. This is good practice so don't get too annoyed.


Be prepared to await the robots verdict but I promise you the wait and excitement will be worthwhile when you finally see you work in print.


In many ways this is the easy part especially if you have been doing your preparation with Title, formatting, synopsis / description/ tag words categories, pricing, cover etc.


NOW! Go forth and answer all the submission questions, upload your book and PUBLISH......Your readers await.


Outcomes for the day – Become a published author.



Tomorrow we will continue the publication process by introducing marketing of your book.


Day / Step 27 Formats and assembly ready for publication

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Day / Step 27 Formats and assembly ready for publication


Outcome at the end of this phase – Everything ready for your submission


Ensure all chapters are in one document for submission


Standard typeface e.g.


No headers / footers


create jacket blurb and long synopsis in your Brief document to keep it all together


follow the publishers rules regarding length of descriptions etc


You will need your book title


If it is part of a series


Category for marketing your book e.g. Crime thriller


Create cover follow the publishers rules with regard to the cover illustration. Generally this is a .jpg file of sufficient size to be good quality but no so large as to cause a problem uploading. e.g. min 1400 pixels


Remember images on standard Kindle devices will only be in black and white although colour is good for attracting attention on other devices e.g. laptops tablets etc. Try to make a cover that works in both B&W and colour.


Create tags

These single words or short phrases will help searches find your work so make sure you use them wisely. You are generally limited to 10 or so tags, generally separated by commas.


Create copyright page – Smashwords requires this but it is good practice anyway and you can produce an alternate version for Kindle or for individual publishing..


You will also need to decide on a pricing strategy for your book and also genres in which to place your book.

Create a biog / other works page to interest your readers in you and also an other works list to steer them to your other works.

Outcomes from today

A fully complete manuscript, cover and content along with synopsis to sell your book.

Tomorrow – it has come publication day.


Step / Day 26 - Getting it all together to publish

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Step / Day 26 Getting the final parts together.

Outcomes at the end of this step

A clear understanding of publishers requirements – A mind on a cover design – Table of contents / index

Depending on where you are publishing it is likely that the publishers will have rules. These are generally similar. Make sure you carefully read the publishers rules. Kindle and Smashwords both have detailed online guides on formatting etc. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a good place to start. Search online for eBook formatting requirements.

Include a Table of Contents: A table of contents is a must for every non-fiction book and useful for every book. This is very easy to do with Word’s in-built of contents creator and the Microsoft Word help with it is also good and easy to understand. You will basically create a number of chapter heading anchors in your text and create links to these from your table of contents page or index.

Design an eBook Cover: Unfortunate as it may be, we do judge books by their covers. A high quality cover can dramatically increase sales. You will need some design experience and Photoshop or similar knowledge to create a good cover and overlay text on your chosen image. Or – you can always do the artwork yourself or get a friend to do it for you.

You will also need that synopsis / description of your eBook.


Step - Day 25 Time to Publish

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Step / Day 25 – It's time to enter the publishing phase.

Where to publish

There are many choices. Some I use are Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. I like Kindle because it is so accessible and well known to all.

I like Smashwords because it helps you to format better and gives you a free ISBN number for your book and provides multitudinous different formats for your book.

I will generally publish on Smashwords first and once the manuscript is accepted and clean I will then produce a version for Kindle.

Do not forget the opportunity to publish your own work yourself. This has many benefits most of all is that you are the master of your own destiny. You also can maintain a list of readers who you will be able to circulate with news and new publications and maintain a much better grip on things. This does require a little more setting up so perhaps we should start with Smashwords and Kindle etc until you are a little more experienced.

Once you have decided where to publish make sure you have registered your accounts for each publisher. This is quite simple and many people already have Amazon accounts which is the basis of a Kindle submission.

You will also be able to enter your bank details so you can GET PAID FOR YOUR eBOOKS.

There are also many formats to publish in – the more formats your work is in the more devices can read and present it. Here are some popular formats.

Submission formats (favourite)


MS Word .doc file or .epub file


Word .doc or .HTML or .mobi

Output formats.



Your most important format. This is the format Smashwords distributes to the Apple iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, B&N, Aldiko, and others. Also very popular with customers. EPUB is an open industry format.

Kindle (.mobi)

This is one of the most popular formats for customers. Mobipocket is an eBook format supported on the Kindle, as well as Windows PCs and many handheld devices. Do not disable this format.


Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file format readable by most devices, including handheld e-readers, PDAs, and computers. A good format if your work contains fancy formatting, charts or images.


Rich Text Format, or RTF, is a cross-platform document format supported by many word processors and devices. Usually pretty good at preserving original formatting from Word documents.

Sony Reader (LRF)

.LRF is the format used on older Sony Reader ebook devices. The newer Sony Readers use EPUB.

Palm Doc (PDB)

PalmDoc is a format primarily used on Palm Pilot devices, but readers are available for PalmOS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Smartphone, desktop Windows, and Macintosh.

Plain Text .txt

Plain text is the most widely supported file format, working on nearly all readers and devices. It lacks formatting, but will work anywhere. For best results with plain text, your source document should not contain fancy formatting or images.

Online Reader

The HTML document



You should also be thinking of things like dust jacket blurb, cover illustration if you haven't done already. This will be the subject of tomorrows work.


Outcomes of this phase – Deciding where and how to publish


Day / step 24 The final review

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Day / Step 24. The final review - You are about to enter the publishing phase – This is your last step of the review - make sure you well and truly review your book and know and learn from your mistakes


Outcome of this stage – A completed bright shining & flawless manuscript.

A few questions to ask yourself

Does the plot make sense?

Are there any plot holes? Where do things break down?

Do the characters fit within the plot? Where do they stand out, negatively?

Does the story grip you? Where doesn’t it?

Does anything seem out of place? How?

Are the characters unique and interesting? Why or why not? Is my wording good? Do I overuse certain phrases? Where?

Now is your last chance to polish everything – Tomorrow the publishing...

Outcome of this stage – A completed bright shining & flawless manuscript.

Day / Step 22. Ask for help friends relations and proofreaders.

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Day / Step 22. Ask for help friends relations and proofreaders.

Outcomes expected from step 22 - a wider audience and critique.


Do this as soon as you feel the manuscript is ready for it's first airing. Choose people you trust and those who will give you honest but also kind constructive criticism.


If you feel strong enough then ask people who are very honest although please accept that they are giving their opinion and don't get too downhearted. They may even love your work.


Outcomes expected from step 22 a wider audience

Day / Step 23. Review and review again

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Day / Step 23. Review and review again


Outcomes expected from step 23 - A well proofread manuscript


– multiple rounds of editing – you will be a published author within a week so get it right from the start otherwise your prime first edition audience may be disappointed and your brilliant book will be let down by your editing process.