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Day / Step 21. Are you feeling it? sensing it?

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Day / Step 21. Are you feeling it? sensing it?

Outcomes expected from step 21 Add sensations


As you read through your work do you feel the mood, do your senses experience being there. If not you may need to write down what seems missing in your note book of lessons.


Personally I feel that I never seem to describe buildings and locations adequately in my first draft. I will often need to flesh the location out from my mental picture and give the average reader slightly more. Is there anywhere / sense you feel is not packed with information? If so now is the time for a little salt and pepper to spice it up.


Outcomes expected from step 21 Add sensations

Day / step 20 - Spellin an gramer

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Day / step 20 (over 2/3 of the way now to being a PUBLISHED AUTHOR)

Spellin an gramer

Whatever your feelings on spelin and grammer they should probably follow the rules set out by your language of choice. I am perfectly happy reading misspellings and grammatical errors but other people aren't.

Word will highlight misspellings and grammatical errors and even suggest changes. Do not accept the packages suggestions without question. The great thing about rules is that they can be broken (within reason of course.)

Try to read / edit at about twice the speed you wrote e.g 2 chapters a day but don't skimp here. EVERY WORD MUST BE ADDRESSED AND ASSESSED.

Step 19 Review and EDIT

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Day / step 19 Ruthless Review and edit.


The start of the review proper. Once you have finished your first draft and allowed a little time for the madness of the authoring process to rest, sit yourself down with distractions removed and read. Preferably try to edit as you go on a word processor but sometimes people find it easier to edit on paper so you may need to print out chapters of your eBook.


You will need to wield the editing pen with absolute ruthlessness. Chop down anything that isn’t crucial to the overall goal of the book. This can often mean cutting away a beloved turn of phrase, an insightful observation or a funny aside even a character or two.


Go forth and edit.

Step 18 - The review

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Day / step 18 Review

I am now going to take you through the review / editing phase. It’s unfortunate that this is probably as long as the writing phase but all the time that, I and other authors make typographical and grammatical errors it has to be done.

I try to correct spelling and punctuation as I go along by using the self correct and grammar functions of Word or whatever writing package I am using but mistakes still creep in.

Even half a dozen mistakes in a 200,000 word novel can upset and annoy the reader beyond reason so try to get it right from as early as you can.

This is also a good time to put yourself in the readers shoes not the authors and get the reading experience of your book.


Of course you may not quite be finished with your writing (I am on chapter 9 with one or two chapters to go but I have excuses lol). If so keep writing before you start to review.


Ideally there should probably be a short intermission between writing and review reading. This is so that you can forget the writers mind and switch to the reader and also the reader with no preconceptions. If you can allow time to forget the traits of the characters and be able to approach the manuscript afresh.


We don’t really have the luxury of time but make today a day for reflection and tomorrow I will start you on the road to correction.



Step 17 Spice it up

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Day / Step 17 This is the last day I have scheduled completely for Writing and from now on I will be taking you through the editing sage and publishing stage. Maybe you are on Chapter 10 or chapter 9 like me (with a couple maybe to go) or Chapter three or even chapter 52. It doesn’t matter but my motto for the day is “Spice it up.”

There are many ways to spice things up, relationships, conflict intrigue. Just spend a little while assessing where you are in the story and how you can inject some excitement.

Being that this is the last official day of writing you should also consider they end of your book.

With it be a damp squib just fading off into obscurity?

Will it be punchy with an unexpected twist? Will it leave an end dangling for the follow on novel. The end is very important because it’s what the reader remembers most and what can lead them to recommend to friends or review to entice more readers.

Make your end a major focus for your book.


Tomorrow – step 18 the review process begins.


Day 16 SHOW - don't tell

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Step / day 16 - Writing tips

Show don’t tell – telling is a simple description the bones of the story or situation – showing involves all the senses and emotions and brings words to life

Day 15 Chapter twists

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Day 15 keep up the effort it's all down hill from here and within a fortnight you will be a published author.

Writing Plot twists – plot twists are great to renew impetus in a storyline. Just spend a while thinking of what had happened and what might happen and what probably shouldn’t happen but could. They slam it into your writing. It can really pep things up in the middle of a book when the going could be getting a little stale and predictable – Allow yourself 5 minutes to Think up a twist now.

Step 14 - Take Stock

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Writing Story progression

Day / step 14. How is the writing going? You should be making good headway with luck and time permitting. Probably about half way through your 10 chapters if this is the length of book you are set on. It may be that you have found more chapters you need to write and your mini novel or text book may be growing but this is normal and you will finish, So far I have about 10 chapters mapped out but I don’t have a full ending yet so there may be another couple to write – Don’t worry this is how every book goes.

What is giving you most problems? Probably finding time like for all of us. If you are not a full time or very meticulous writer you will find that the cares and woes of every day life get in the way. I am actually moving house during this month too so you can imagine the stress of taking down light fittings putting up cupboards and all this is having on my leisurely writing time.

Well done for any work you have managed to do. If you have actually kept up the effort then my total admiration to you. Keep doing what you can do. Remember this is your time to create something that will last for all time.

There is no simple answer just try to be regular in your writing, try to shoehorn one, two three hours a day of quiet time dedicated to your creativity and try to make them as productive as possible.

Even if you are busy elsewhere, try to allow your mind to address your book and replay the episodes you have written and where it may be leading. Write down the leading ones as new milestones and even chapters. It’s a continual process of writing, directing and producing chapters.

You have a few more days in peace for me to move (and write) and before I take you through the editing and publishing process. See how well you can do.

Just one other thing you could start to think about is the book jacket blurb or description. Sometime you will have to come up with a title for your work and a short description or elevator pitch. Something you could tell a person in an elevator in a couple of sentences or minutes which gives them the gist of your book / story and makes them want to buy / read.



Step 13 Intrigue

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Step 13. Throw in some intrigue - The odd murder is always good to spice up a story. Always supposing it is relevant of course.

Step 12 Be descriptive

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Step 12. Do plenty of descriptive work. It is just you and your words so make them descriptive in order to help your reader form their mental picture of places and things.